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My Inspiration
Marcus Terry
Eng 1105

I once was a shy kid I with a horrible stutter. I never wanted to speak, especially in public for I was afraid of ridicule. I went to speech therapy offered by my school and nothing ever seemed too helped. I went through countless hours of sounding words out and slowing down my speech and “brain activity”, all the while bouncing back and forth between regular and my “special education” classes. I struggled through elementary school not really wanting to speak or read out loud. It was torture. Then one day my 7th grade year we were learning about world history and I learned about the horrors of what Adolf Hitler and his German empire did. I couldn’t understand how someone could commit such horrendous acts. It never added up to me. I was intrigued by him and the way he spoke. The way that he addressed his audience was like no other. How else could anyone get a point so vile across to a nation. His dictation swayed the stiffest of audiences. Now me nor any of my friends spoke German but I found out he wrote a book and I had to read it. Mein Kampf was the name of his memoir. As soon as I got ahold of it I sat down and read it cover to cover. We were more alike than I ever imagined.
  When I first opened his book it was a bit out of my reading level but I was determined. In his book he spoke of his early ears. His struggles with academics. He was born to a poor mother with no father. Hitler bounced around from orphanage to orphanage before joining the military in support of World War I. He had a lot of failures a lot of them not to far different from mine. He had rough start, born poor and out of wedlock he had a lot of boundaries to overcome. He joined the military to get away and fought in the First World War. When he came home he tried a career in politics and failed. He then tried to take over Germany and failed and was imprisoned. I say this to explain that he wasn’t an overnight success. He had plenty...


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