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Terry Fox

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Terry Fox, a gifted hero of Canada and a true role model to Canadians. Terry Fox was a very talented man, he loved Basketball, and of course loved running, he served a great purpose to Canada, and inspired many people. Terry was an extremely active and persistent figure; the fact that he had Cancer in his right leg makes his story even more inspiring. When Terry ran the Marathon of Hope, he proved to the public that nothing is unachievable if you are determined. Although Terry was in a lot of pain due to the Cancer in his right leg, his spirit was not broken and not once did he regret running the marathon. Furthermore, Terry Fox contributed a great deal to Canada and the rest of the world, by raising over four hundred million dollars for Cancer Research.

Terry Fox proved to people that anything is possible by running the Marathon Of Hope. In running a Marathon he demonstrated good Qualities and leadership skills because if he did not do it than who would? By being a leader, he truly proved to Canada that he was an outstanding leader and a heroic Canadian. Terry Fox quoted that, “It’s one thing to run across Canada, but now, people are really going to know what cancer is.” In this quote, Terry Fox acted as a decisive citizen and exemplified true leadership skills, by stating that everyone “will know what cancer is”, he acted true to Canada and believed that every Canadian understood how it felt like to be infected with cancer. Not only did Terry Fox demonstrate leadership skills, he also ran more than twenty-seven miles a day to show people that sprinting twenty-seven miles a day is not impossible. Canadians encouraged Terry and clapped for him, they never gave up on Terry and Terry never gave up on them. The support that Terry received from Canadians around the world encouraged him to run more, which showed a lot of persistency. The motivation that helped Terry, also helped other people because it showed people that nothing is impossible. “Twenty-six...


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