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Life Is Like Thst

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Courage, Signor Sangrado! Said I: never be weary of setting your wits against kermes; and deafen the health dispensing tribe with your thunders against the use of bleeding in the feet. If, spite of all your zeal and affection for medical orthodoxy, this empiric generation should succeed in supplanting true and legitimate practice, it will be at least your consolation to have exhausted your best endeavours in the support of truth and reason.

As my secretary and myself were walking to the inn, making our observations high glee on the doctor s entertaining and original character, n man from fifty five to sixty years of age happened to pass near us in the street, walking with his eyes fixed on the ground, and a large rosary in his hand. I conned over the distinctive cut of his appearance most cunningly, and was rewarded in the recognition of Signor Manuel Ordonnez, that faithful trustee for the affairs of the hospital, of whom so honorable mention is made in the first volume of these true and instructive memories. Accosting him with the most profound and unquestionable tokens of respect, I paid my compliments in due form and order to the venerable and trust worthy Signor Manuel Ordonnez, the man of all the word in whose hands the interests of the poor and needy are most safely and answered that my features were not altogether strange to him, but that he could not recollect where he had seen me. I used to go backwards and forwards to your house, replied I, when one of my friends, by name fabricio Nunez, was your service. Ah! I recollect the circumstance at once, rejoined the worthy director with a cunning leer, and have good reason to do so: for you were a brace of pleasant lads, and inexperience. Well! And what is become of poor fabricio? Whenever he comes across my thought, I cannot help feeling a little uneasy about his temporal and eternal welfare.

It was to relive your mind upon that subject, said I to Signor Manuel, that I have taken the liberty of stopping...


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