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Abigail Essay

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creon: how did you catch her in the act?
Guard: we were trying to stay awake so nobody wouldnt be caught slipping on the job. then when the sun started to rise thats when we saw her crying and cursing out to the people who done this. she then started to pay her tributes to the dead. we all ran over thereand grabbed her and charged her with the previous offence. she just kept standing there and she didnt deny anything.
creon: antigone? what do you have to say? do you deny this?
antingone: i admit it, yes i did do it
creon to guard: thank you guard. you are dismissed no charges held agianst you.
creon to antigone: so tell me briefly, was you aware that there was consequences for what you did?
antigone: yes i know i mean it was public knowledge.
creon: so you knew and you still broke the laws?
antigone: yes, zeus did not announce those laws to me, and it shall be punished or killed for it so be it. i'd rather be dead than stay living the way i live surrounded by so many evil things.
chorus: its clear she's a spiting image of her fathe. she sees no compromise in her troubles.
antigone: take me and kill me, what more do you want?
creon: i dont want nothing. with that i have everything.
antigone: thats whats the hold up? theres nothing more you can say. but nothing else would make me more happier than burying my own brother. others think what i did was right, but they wont speak out because of fear. you're the king do what you wish.
creon: antigone, you're the only one who thinks that.
antigone: they think the same; but they just keep quiet just for you.


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