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What I Believe

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Teanna Armstrong
Mrs. Jenkins
English Honors pd.5

I Believe That....
Many people in this world believe in different theories and explanations about many events that happened throughout the world. In my mind, there are three main thoughts that I believe heavily, with no doubts. I believe that love is the strongest action man can make. I believe that if you harm or kill any domestic animal, you should be given the same punishment that you would receive for another human; lastly, I believe that just because you don’t believe in Jesus doesn’t mean that you are going against God. The three beliefs I have mentioned above are very important statements that run through my mind all the time. I failed to meet a person that could change my mind about either of these yet.
To begin with, my first statement is my biggest belief. Which is that love is the strongest action man can perform. Love has negative and positive consequences. There are so many negative consequences of love. Love can drive you to make some of the hardest decisions in your life and that you never intend to make those decisions from the start. For example, love can make you choose between the person you are in love with and friends or family. Either way, no matter what choice you decide to make, somebody will walk away from your decision hurt. Every decision you make is permanent, which has an effect either now or later in life. Not only that, but love can also hurt you when you least expect it. You can’t control when you fall in love, so you don’t have any control over when you get hurt. There are many people in the world that change for their partner no matter what. The ones that are willing to change are always the ones that get hurt. They get hurt because they sit in their comfort zone, forgetting about actual life, living in a fairy tale that is never actually there. If the person who you fell in love with was a factor that mattered, it still wouldn’t help because of the fact that you...


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