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Globalisation a worldwide phenomenon. It is referred to as socio-economic, technological and cultural exchanges between countries all around the world and forging global ties.

Globalisation originated from the ancient civilisations such as the Indus Valley Civilisation began trading with the Sumerian Civilisation. Over time through global interaction via trade, trade routes were established. The Silk and Spice Route are just to name a few. As trade flourished gradually in many parts of the world, there was an increase in intermingling of languages and culture. All of which have slowly evolved into our modern land, sea and air networks, connecting the world.

National identity is a depiction of the nation’s history, culture, people, making its citizen to feel proud of its country. In Singapore, globalisation has somehow threatened our national identity as felt by the general mass. However, the roots of this general feeling has yet to established. In this essay, I am going to explore the problems, impact of globalisation in Singapore and discover the possible solutions.

According to Ernst & Young’s Globalisation Index 2012, Singapore is ranked second. Globalisation has led to an increased influx of foreign talents and brain drain.

Singapore’s total population was 5.31 million as at end June 2012. The non-resident population grew by 7.2%. The foreign talents are seen as tough competitors in our job market. In addition, employers favour foreign talents due to cheaper labour costs. As such, a section of Singaporeans attributed this competition to one of the factors leading to the recent rise of unemployment rate.   Our well-educated Singaporeans have gone overseas. This has thus created a brain drain over time.

To defend our lost of national identity as a result of adverse encroachment, we can identify some approaches to resolve above mentioned apprehension among Singaporeans.

One of these approaches would be to inculcate the deep-rooted values as...


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