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Was the Rise of Unemployment the Main Reason the Nazi Party Grew in Popularity in the Years 1929-33?

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Was the rise of unemployment the main reason the Nazi Party grew in popularity in the years 1929-33?
The rise of unemployment in Germany in the years 1929-1933 was without a doubt a vital factor for the growth of the popularity of the Nazi party; however there were other very important factors such as the use of propaganda pioneered by Goebbels and the fear of communism.   Was the rise of unemployment the most important factor?
In Germany unemployment was a huge issue in the great depressions years 1929-1933. With it peaking at over 6 million in 1932 after the Americas stock market crash and recalling the loans that where temporary starting an economic recovery in the ‘golden years.’ leading to German companies having to cut people loose and a huge second rise in unemployment. The Nazi party similar to the communist promised everyone work wish appealed to the unemployed who were turning to the extremes for action to be done and this problem tackled with worsening conditions all over Germany.   This promise to the unemployed was largely delivered through a huge propaganda campaign which was another huge factor for the growth of the Nazis in these years.
There was a huge propaganda campaign started in 1929 leaded by Goebbels and the votes grew from a minor 3% in 1928 to bar far the biggest party of the Reichstag with 230 seats in 1932 also the social democrats lost support which was interesting as the Nazis and the extremes don’t normally appeal to the middle classes voting for these middle party’s. This is evidence for the huge success of the this huge propaganda campaign as never before had the middle classes normally in work voting for extremist party’s such as the Nazis and shows the success not just targeting the unemployed but of the middle classes and upper classes.   Also the fear of communism was a targeted in the propaganda   and is another factor in its self, attracting many upper class business men as they fear communism rising up and taking there riches...


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