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To What Extent Was Economic Reasons the Main Reason for the Two Countries' Separation?

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To what extent was economic differences the main reason for separation?

I disagree to a large extent that economic differences were the main reasons for separation between Singapore and Malaysia. Political differences between the 2 countries instead, were a more predominant factor as it led to social unrest in these countries. Economic differences, on the other hand, played a less subtle role in separating the 2 countries, even though it did play a role.

The political rivalry between the UMNO-MIC-MCA Alliance which controlled the Central Government and the PAP that governed Singapore caused anti-PAP sentiments, which resulted in the separation of Singapore and Malaysia. Anti-PAP sentiments resulted in the dislike for PAP, and the want by some ultras to oust PAP, and ultimately Singapore out of the federation. UMNO viewed PAP as a threat to their political power as PAP had won in Malay dominated heartlands which UMNO had expected to win instead-Geylang Serai, Kampong Kembangan and the Southern Islands. Similarly, MCA viewed PAP as a threat to their political support base among the Chinese, as PAP had offered to work with UMNO to win Chinese urban votes. Hence, in order to protect and secure their political power in the Federation, UMNO and MCA felt it was important to separate Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, the different ideologies on how the different communities in Malaysia should be run resulted in tensions between PAP and The Alliance, which was detrimental to society as a whole. At that time, Malays in Malaysia were entitled to special rights and privileges UMNO claimed to protect so that Malays would not be marginalized in their own homeland. The PAP though challenged the question if both Malays and Non-Malays should be treated equally, and this ironically made them appear anti-Malay. This affected the relationship between the PAP and the Alliance, which was already very strained due to political rivalry, and resulted in some ultras sending...


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