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Decanter Centrifuge Structure and Working Principle

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Decanter Centrifuge Structure and Working Principle

Decanter centrifuge is the key solids control equipment for treating drilling mud. Besides, the whole mud treatment system has other devices. Shale shakers, mud cleaning system, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, water tank are such units.

Decanter Centrifuge mainly consists of cylindrical bowl, tapered bowl, screw conveyor, cycloidal-pin gear differential, base, collecting box, etc.

Decanter Centrifuge is driven by two motors, the main motor drives the bowl and differential housing to turn by belts and the auxiliary motor drives the screw conveyor after being changed in speed by the differential, which makes the bowl and screw conveyor rotate in the same direction and with a certain speed difference.

When materials enter the interior of screw conveyor from feed tube, materials flow towards bowl walls through feed nozzles due to high speed revolution. As light and heavy phases of materials suffer different centrifugal forces, heavy phase rapidly deposits on inner walls of bowl, light phase slowly attaches to surface of heavy phase and a layer of interface is formed between light and heavy phases. Along with more and more heavy phase deposited, the edges of spiral flights enter the heavy-phase sediments, and meanwhile, the bowl and screw conveyor rotate at high speeds in the same direction with a certain speed difference, the relative speed difference makes heavy-phase particles move towards the solids discharge outlets at the small end, light-phase liquid flows towards the liquid discharge outlets through the spiral channel, and the liquid level or pond depth is controlled by movable weirs.

Centrifuge has a large rotational inertia, a large starting current and a long duration, so both wires and electrical equipment should be capable of bearing a large load. Do not operate the centrifuge before it is installed firmly. When operating the centrifuge, tighten hold-down bolts on the cover.



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