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Essays on Being a Leader

  1. Greek Cypriot Leaders
    What is the Cyprus question? Let us hear the answer from the Greek Cypriot and Greek leaders themselves: <br /> <br /> "I have struggled for the union of Cyprus with Greece, and Enosis will always be my deep national aspiration as it is the...
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  2. Qualities Of a Dignified Leader
    There have been many great front-runners in times past. There have been iconic figures, labeled heroes in all ages of the human civilization. They were leaders, they stood for revolution, changing the world forever. Leaders are now needed in...
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  3. Leaders
    What I found during my studies wasn't surprising. All of the identifiable characteristics of great leaders could be found in scripture. Sure, they weren't labeled as being...
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  4. Indian Leaders
    Congress adopt the policies of nonviolence led by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Some leaders, such as Subhash Chandra Bose, later came to adopt a military approach to...
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  5. Piggy The Potential Leader
    Golding’s Lord of the Flies demonstrates that perhaps a leader is someone who brings everyone together for a good cause. The character Piggy shows leadership skills when he...
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  6. Transformational Leader - Andy Grove
    Transformational Leader – Andy Grove By: Alexander Brik Intel has grown into the world’s largest chipmaker, with 78,000 employees and more than $30 billion in...
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  7. Leaders
    To my English professor and my colleagues, a pleasant afternoon! I am here in front of the class for I am task to deliver a speech. My speech is about my journey as a leader...
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  8. The Attributes Of a Great Leader
    A leader is anyone who influences change. Gandhi, Mandela and Caesar are considered to be marvelous leaders. What make these leaders significant are their characteristics. To...
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  9. Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Canada's Greatest Leader
    A.I CHC-2D May 12, 2011 Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Canada’s Greatest Leader Pierre Elliot Trudeau was one of Canada’s greatest and longest serving Prime Minister. A few...
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  10. Good Leaders Are Not Born
    Good leaders are not born. They are made. If a person has the willpower and the ability to learn, he can become a successful leader. A good leader engages in a continuous...
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  11. Influential Leaders Of The World: Hammurabi
    Influential Leaders of the World: Hammurabi From the beginning of time there have been many strong leaders across the globe that have left...
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  12. Who Is Shameful (Government Or Political Leaders Or Social Activist Or Public)?
    Who is shameful (Government or Political Leaders Or social activist Or Public)? Well when it comes to word shameful we can count infinite names, we have so many...
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  13. Wha Makes a Good Leader
    A leader can be said to be one that mobilises followers to achieve unity and common goals. A good leader leads by example and creates a friendly environment for members of...
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  14. Present Day Leaders
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  15. The Leader Of The World
    Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as the leader of the world The Muslims call Hazrat Muhammad as the “sarwar-e-aalam” which means the leader of the world...
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  16. Why Political Leaders Work Profile Is Different From There Debate Profile In India?
    Why political leaders work profile is different from there debate profile in India? The real debate is noticeable to some and unnoticed to many. There are different...
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  17. Xsd Sand Washing Machine Becomes Leader In Mining Industry
    the preferred device in the sand industry. Zoneding XSD sand washing machine becomes leader in mining industry. Sand washing machine is used to remove the dust...
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  18. “Hitler Became Chancellor In January 1933 Because He Was The Leader Of The Most Popular Party.” Do You Agree?
    “Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 because he was the leader of the most popular party.” Do you agree? The Nazi rise to power was the result of years...
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  19. The Incompetence Of British Leaders
    How far do your sources support or contradict the interpretation that British generals like Haig were incompetent leaders? World War 1 began in the month of July 1914...
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  20. Leaders And Followers
    Leaders and Followers It is only natural that not everyone becomes a leader; however, those who follow will no longer accept old fashioned leaders, full of...
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  21. How Significant Was The Work Of Reforming Leaders In Changing The Nature Of Russian Government And Society In...
    How significant was the work of reforming leaders in changing the nature of Russian government and society in the period from 1856 to 1964? It is debatable whether or...
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  22. Hitler Became Chancellor In June 1933 Because He Was Leader Of The Most Popular Party In Germany? How Far Do You Agree?
    party did not have a majority in the Reichstag. This means that the fact that Hitler was leader of the most popular party in Germany is not the main reason he became...
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  23. Vipeak Heavy Sand Making Equipment As Well-Known Leader In The Manufacturer
    As we all know, Basalt is one of the best materials to build higher engineering construction, favored by the major works, however, basaltic hard and tough, and high...
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  24. Global Array Instruments Industry: North America To Continue To Be Market Leader
    Global Array Instruments Industry: North America to Continue to Be Market Leader Array Instruments Market (Technologies DNA Microarrays, Protein Microarrays...
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  25. How Far Should The Media Reflect The Political View Of Its Leaders?
    in international political affairs as well. The media is not always good for international political affairs though, an example would be the Vietnam War. However the media...
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  26. a Good Leader
    Wild European Rabbits Rabbits were once used for trading. They were a source of fur and meat but when they escaped they successfully reproduced and became a very common...
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  27. Benjamin Franklin
    after so much violence and corruptness needs to get back on track, so they get a leader, who does just that. When he does he tries his best to get the nation back...
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  28. Castro And Caesar
    8217;s both men had to get rid of the old leaders. Both men had to drive leaders out of office. Fidel led a revolt against Falgecio Batista, who...
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  29. Charles Manson: Orgins Of a Madman
    murder trial said, "..., he [Manson] wants to build up a thing where he can be leader of the world. He's crazy." 6 The men would target practice and guards...
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  30. Frederick Douglas
    mettled out smacked of Puritanism of the 1600’s. If they, as religious leaders, were the ideal citizens of society, then the slaves, who were the...
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